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Melissa Big Day
What happens when the daughter of the one and only Santa gets stuck doing daddy's job and gets stranded in the middle of the Ghetto? well you know for a fact it will be both naughty and nice! check out this Horney holiday comic where Santa's Daughter Nikki gets gangbanged in the Ghetto!
Gladiatrix II
Another day, another battle. That's the life of our Gladiator Britney Smear's. She's been called the very best in her era, and she has a special way she beats her challenger not once, not twice but every single time she has ever fought, we have to admit, it's not a bad way to go! Click here and read this full length XXX 3D Comic and see for yourself.
Jungle Queen
In this sexual misadventure of the jungle queen, she's on the trail of an exiled warrior, still tracking her prey, The jungle queen finally nears the end of the weeks and weeks hunt. she will soon have the African warrior cornered, and then her real fun can begin!
After School
"Mrs. Wolters Gets Taught A Lesson" Mrs.Wolter's was a demure, happily married teacher in an inner city school, little did she know what was in store for her when she stayed late one night to finish grading the test of her students.
Officer Breedgood
"Consumed By Black Cock" While on patrol, rookie policewoman Amber Breedgood is investigating a call about a disturbance in what can only be described as one of the most notorious 'thug' neighborhood. Will our lady of the law protect and serve, and exactly what will she be serving?
Slut Librarian
Late at night at the school library, Mrs. Amanda Johnson is having a fling with Jerome, the new black studies teacher, All the young wide and librarian knows is that his thick black cock is firmly wedged between her firm young white tits......and she fucking loves it!!
Caught Smoking
The Homeroom teacher Ms.Beauchamp got a nice surprise when she ducked outside between classes for a quick smoke break, standing in the alleyway of the school was Jennifer one of her hottest students, Jennifer was smoking and the teacher had caught her, there was only one way for Jennifer to avoid both suspension and the wrath of her parents, and Ms. Beauchamp could not be happier! Come read all about what Jennifer had to do to avoid getting in trouble!
The Vodoo Doll
Our story so far.... The vacationing yuppie couple were tanning on the beach, the relaxation and the tropical heat combined to make the hot young wife extremely horny! the couple raced back to their hotel room and fucked like rabbits, but once the husband was finished the young wife was STILL wanting more, so she snuck out while her husband was passed out on the couch....
Coming of Age Party
On her 18th birthday, Mandy was taken to the family hunting shack by her own mother! Her feelings of anger rising in her woman child's breast, she was dresses up to celebrate at her cheerleader friends house but little did she know that being taken to the hunting shack would be the greatest present her mother could ever give her.... after all it was Mandy's 'Coming Of Age Party'
Alley Whore
Double Stuffed Bride
Hard Time
Mistress Maid